Feline Vaccinations

An important key to long-key health is regular vaccinations against a number of diseases that can affect your cat's well-being.

Listed below are the vaccinations available and the protocol recommended:


This is the most common vaccination that is designed to protect your pet against Distemper and a number of upper respiratory diseases.  These viral diseases are quite common and this vaccine is recommended for every cat.

We recommend that this vaccination be started at 8 weeks of age followed by two boosters given 3-4 weeks apart.

If a pet is 12 weeks or older, the pet would get an initial vaccination followed by one booster in 3-4 weeks.  After the initial set of boosters, the vaccination should be boostered in one year and then every 3 years thereafter.


This deadly disease affects all warm-blooded animals.  Considering that rabies is now more common in cats than in dogs in the state of California, this vaccine is recommended for all our patients that could come into contact with any other animal.

We recommend that this vaccination be given to the pet at 16 weeks of age.  After the initial vaccination booster in one year then every three years thereafter.


Feline Leukimia is common in this area.  It is highly recommended for cats that are determined to have high exposure lifestyles.  This is a contagious disease that is transferred between cats, but not to any other species.  It is the most common fatal infectious disease that we see in our feline patients.  One of the most confusing aspects of this disease is that a cat can have the disease, yet not show any clinical signs.  Therefore, it is highly suggested that all our feline patients be blood tested for this disease prior to vaccinating.

We recommend that this vaccination be started at 8 weeks of age followed by 1 booster given 3-4 weeks later.  After the initial vaccinations, booster annually thereafter.


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